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陈中强* 等 BGEG国家重点实验室. Earth-...

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赖旭龙教授团队 生物地质与环境地质国家重点实验室 Current Biology(2019),Paleogenome reveals genetic contribution of extinct giant panda to extant populations 2019-05-10
陈中强* 等 BGEG国家重点实验室. Earth-Science Reviews (2019), Biosedimentological features of major microbe-metazoan transitions (MMTs) from Precambrian to Cenozoic 2019-04-30
冯学谦,陈中强*等 BGEG国家重点实验室. Earth-Science Reviews (2019), Unusual shallow marine matground-adapted benthic biofacies from the Lower Triassic of the northern Paleotethys: Implications for biotic recovery following the end-Permian mass extinction 2019-04-30
赵思佳(硕士研究生),周克清*等,工程学院 Available online 25 April 2019,Composites Part A:Applied Science and Manufacturing, In situ fabrication of molybdenum disulfide based nanohybrids for reducing fire hazards of epoxy 2019-04-29
吴涛 等 自动化学院 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,2019,Calculation of Eddy Current Loss in a Tubular Oscillatory LPMSM Using Computationally Efficient FEA 2019-04-19
郑煌(博士研究生),孔少飞* 等. Atmos. Chem. Phys. 2019, Intra-regional transport tof black carbon between the south edge of the North China Plain and central China during winter haze episodes 2019-04-15
刘红叶(博士研究生),顾延生* 等 环境学院 Quaternary Science Reviews (2019), A 13,000-year peatland palaeohydrological response to the ENSO-related Asian monsoon precipitation changes in the middle Yangtze Valley 2019-04-10
陈孝君(博士研究生),姚光庆* 等, 资源学院/构造与油气资源教育部重点实验室 JGR-Solid Earth, 2019, Capillary Pressure Curve Determination Based on a 2‐D Cross‐Section Analysis Via Fractal Geometry: A Bridge Between 2‐D and 3‐D Pore Structure of Porous Media 2019-04-02
王向东(博士研究生),赵来时*等 GPMR国家重点实验室 Earth and Planetary Science Letters(2019), Global mercury cycle during the end-Permian mass extinction and subsequent Early Triassic recovery 2019-04-01
刘双,胡祥云* 等 地空学院 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, Extracting induced and remanent magnetizations from magnetic data modeling 2019-03-25